CASE HISTORY Webster Parish


Operator Issue & Background:

An operator’s tank in Webster Parish in North Louisiana accumulated eight (8) feet of Paraffin on top of three (3) feet of crude oil during field production, reducing the storage capacity of the tank by 70%. The production from wells were from the Buckrange formation at 4,500 feet with an API crude oil gravity of 25.

SAFDEPARwas selected to convert the Paraffin back into solution with the crude oil.

Treatment Specifications:

Ten (10) gallons of SAFDEPARwas put into the storage tank containing eight feet of Paraffin (533 barrels) on top of three feet of crude oil (200 barrels). A 1” line was then worked through the Paraffin to the crude oil below. The tank was then circulated via a small pump in a closed loop for 18 hours at an ambient temperature of 60o F.

Results of Treatment:

After circulating for 18 hours, all of the Paraffin was successfully converted back into solution with the crude oil. After a shake out test was performed and passed, the entire contents of the storage tank was sold. A sample was taken and placed in a freezer overnight and the Paraffin was still in solution 12 hours later. SAFDEPAR can convert your Paraffin into saleable product. In this case, ten gallons of SAFDEPAR turned 533 barrels of paraffin into revenue for the producer AND eliminated expensive haul off and disposal of the paraffin.

Safety, Treatment Options and Packaging:

SAFDEPAR can be used to treat Paraffin deposits in tank batteries, pipelines and downhole tubulars. Squeeze jobs with SAFDEPAR can treat Paraffin desposits in the wellbore and formation. SAFDEPARis shipped as a Class 55 Non-Hazardous product and is available in 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes. SAFDEPARhas passed the LC50 for shrimp and is safe for use around water (Inland Barges, Offshore Platforms).

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