SAFDEPAR™ Non-Hazardous Paraffin Solution

pumpjack- storage tanks = pipeline valves

Paraffin formation and deposition is a nearly universal problem in oil field production – downhole equipment, tubulars, pipelines and storage tanks causing operators significant costs due to losses in production, downtime and remediation costs. SAFDEPAR is a non-hazardous complex formulated product that is cost-effective and works on two levels:

Benefits of SAFDEPAR Include:

Step-1 raw paraffin
Raw Paraffin Sample to be Treated.
Step-2 paraffin sample breaking down after being agitated
Sample after being quickly agitated (shaken). The Paraffin can be pumped at this point and will continue to break down.
Step-3 paraffin continuing to break down
Paraffin continuing to break down into solution after only 7 minutes.