Getting all the H2S gas?

Ultra Scav Advance USA-6040 is a new, proprietary, fully reacted product containing a very complex mixture of amine-based chemistry that has improved performance and and economics resulting in large savings for operators over traditional MEA Triazene based products. Ultra Scav is manufactured by VariChem International. Dominion Energy Services is an authorized distributor for the Ultra Scav.

Benefits of Ultra Scav Advance USA-6040

  • Superior Cost Performance to MEA Triazene

  • 10 to 15% more Effective than Standard MEA Triazene

  • Lower Cost per Gallon than Standard MEA Triazene

  • Due to Unique Chemistry does not Precipitate Solids

  • Can React up to 5X times Faster with H2S

  • Reduced Flaring of Gas due to an Affordable Treatment Option

Cost Effective Treatment of Municipal Wastewater Lagoons
Hybrid Municipal Wastewater Treatment Process for Regulatory Compliance
Media Filter Tank for Nutrient Removal
Media Filter Tank for Nutrient Removal


  • Sour Crude Oil and Natural Gas
  • Bubble Towers
  • Pipelines
  • Midstream and Refineries
  • Field Flowlines

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