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Dominion Energy Services is focused on providing products and services that cut costs, solve problems, improve production and increase ROI for the operator. Patented oil recovery units cost effectively capture low levels of residual oil from produced water to increase revenue and margins for the operator. Two products, ChainBreaker and SAFDEPAR are aimed at addressing paraffin and wellbore skin damage to improve well production and positively impact decline curves. These products also address issues in storage tanks, pipelines and surface equipment.

Microbial treatments with ChainBreaker in waterfloods have shown significant increases in oil production. Another patented technology from Tru-Clear Water Solutions utilizes Advanced Molecular Oxidation to treat water in the oil field and other industrial markets. Redox reactions creating Chlorine and Oxygen species transform, and minimize contaminates, breakdown organic molecules, and kill bacteria.

Treatment of municipal wastewater is accomplished by the BiO2 Solution, a patented system that allows small towns and communities to upgrade their existing wastewater lagoon system and achieve regulatory discharge compliance at roughly half the price of the traditional aeration approach. ASP-200 SoilBinder can convert existing unconsolidated soil, clay and aggregate into a wear surface ready road base to help stretch road building budgets for counties, municipalities and states.

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With Cost Effective Solutions

incremental oil recovery





We offer several patented technologies to address critical issues faced by oil and gas operators with the goal being increased efficiency and profitability.

oil recovery

We offer a patented unit from Separation Solutions that can cost effectively recover low levels of residual oil in water that has already gone through a free water knock out, heater treater or other skimming operation.

water treatment

Advanced Molecular Oxidation is a patented water treatment process provided by Tru-Clear Water Solutions for use in a variety of industries and provides a low energy, non-chemical, cost effective method for treating water.

paraffin treatment

Existing paraffin deposits are removed by SAFDEPAR, a nonhazardous and environmentally friendly product. Continued application of SAFDEPAR acts as a dispersant to prevent further deposition of paraffin eliminating expensive hot oil treatments and workovers to clean up downhole equipment, tubulars and wellbore conditions.

environmental remediation

Several options are available for effective and eco-friendly microbial treatment of hydrocarbon spills at tank batteries, wellheads and pipelines. Soil contaminated with brine or produced water can also be remediated to restore growth of vegetation.

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