having trouble meeting your discharge Limits?

Dominion Energy Services is a strategic partner with BiO2 Solutions in helping smaller municipalities upgrade their wastewater treatment lagoons in a cost-effective manner to meet stricter discharge limits for ammonia, phosphorous and other constituents.

The BiO2 Solution incorporates several patented technologies to achieve regulatory compliance at a capital cost of about half versus a traditional system. Annual operational costs are also about half of a traditional system.

Main components of the system include:

  • Patented Single Cell Algae Species that Elevate Dissolved Oxygen Levels In the Lagoon System.
  • Electrocoagulation Unit with a Unique Patented Design that Disinfects and Reduces Nutrient Loading.
  • The Final Step is a Patent Pending Ion Exchange Filter Media System that Provides Final Polishing Prior to Discharge to the Environment.
Cost Effective Treatment of Municipal Wastewater Lagoons
Hybrid Municipal Wastewater Treatment Process for Regulatory Compliance
Media Filter Tank for Nutrient Removal
Media Filter Tank for Nutrient Removal

The BiO2 Solutions Facility

Complete system design, engineering and turnkey plant construction are included with the technology.